“Green Zazen” by Kristi Duckworth & Nancy Morrow

Eclectic Eye presents “Green Zazen” by Kristi Duckworth and Nancy Morrow 

Green Zazen,” presented by Kristi Duckworth and Nancy Morrow, is a collaborative art show that inspires a contemplative state of mind. This peaceful exhibit encourages visitors to slow down and embrace natural colors and textures, as if there is nowhere to go and nothing to do except look at the clouds, listen to the wind in the trees and feel inspired by nature. Featured pieces from both artists depict phenomena of the physical world, including plants, animals and microcosm landscapes that inspire the feeling of life moving along, quietly growing and changing as time goes by.

Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Kristi Duckworth moved to Memphis, Tennessee to attended the University of Memphis in 1985. After earning a degree in graphic design, she fell in love with mosaics and combined that passion with the beauty of nature. Her work has been commissioned by organizations such as Cancer Survivors Park, the Memphis Grizzlies Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and more.  

Nancy Morrow has a passion for the art and science of building and maintaining terrariums, kokedama and bonsai. She offers consultations for those who want to learn about house plants and gardening in their homes and office spaces. During a session, students learn basic considerations for selecting plants for a particular space, as well as technical skills for handling, transplanting, watering and more. Once learned, these skills open up the world of plants for all to explore and enjoy.