Custom-Made SPEXWAX

In late October, Eclectic Eye announced the addition of an amazing line of frames with a thoughtful take on sustainability: SPEXWAX! For those unfamiliar with this brand, SPEXWAX takes defunct vinyl records, cuts shapes out of them and then layers those cut-outs to create pieces of unique, wearable art. For more details on the origin of this awesome brand and to get a better feel for the SPEXWAX mission, please take a look at our previous blog post on this eyewear line. Beyond its mission of sustainability, the innovative company offers eyewear enthusiasts the opportunity to create custom-made SPEXWAX frames.

Custom-Made SPEXWAX Frames

custom-made SPEXWAXAlthough there are plenty of pre-set frame shapes and colors available to choose from, another option for the more eclectic customer is to have completely custom-made SPEXWAX frames. One way to create your custom frame is to come into the store and speak with an eyewear architect. Together, we will choose a shape and color from the selection available. Recently, our wonderful customer, Carla Dennis, did this!  Our eyewear architects helped her pick a frame shape, colors and the order in which she wanted them layered. custom-made SPEXWAX framesSix weeks later, she had one-of-a-kind, custom-made SPEXWAX frames that reflect her vibrant personality, ready to take home and wear around the town!

Another approach is to have the frames crafted out of a vinyl record from your personal collection and one of our customers, Chuck Laminack, did just that! Chuck brought in Son of a Sailor by Jimmy Buffett. He even opted to have the vinyl’s label shown on the temples. He then had the case made out of the record’s sleeve which turned out beautifully.

Stop by Eclectic Eye today to create a special piece of “art-wear” that is completely your own!

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