Eclectic Eye presents “#GildTheDelta” by Norwood Creech

“#GildTheDelta,” presented by Norwood Creech, was originally developed in 2016. Each piece is adapted from paint and pastels that incorporate gold and silver gilding, or metallic effects, as a part of the creation process. Creech utilizes each medium to depict elements of the Delta’s agricultural landscape, such as crop fields, Native American burial sites and farmer pivots. When asked to describe this collection, Creech stated, “In this series of work, #GildTheDelta #ArkansasDeltaArt, I have incorporated gold and metallics into my plein air and studio landscape paintings. This heightens the symbolic glorification of and my love for Arkansas’ Delta.”

Norwood Creech resided in Memphis in the early ‘90s and developed a wonderfully supportive clientele before relocating to Northeast Arkansas. For the last 18 years, Creech has enjoyed creating pieces of the flat agricultural landscape found in the Delta, with work featured in parks and the Welcome Center in West Memphis, Arkansas. Transitioning into a new phase of life back in Memphis, Norwood Creech is open to what the future might become and is grateful for the opportunity to introduce “#GildTheDelta” to the community.