Cuthbert and Chen Frames: Historic Inspiration, Modern Design

Cuthbert and Chen frames have been a staple in the Eclectic Eye world for several years. The line is a subset of RetroSpecs, which showcases historic pieces that wear like jewelry. RetroSpecs is owned by Jay Owens and Marya Francis. Their love for the history of eyewear, naturally, led them to designing.  The name, Cuthbert and Chen, showcases the history of the designers themselves: “Cuthbert,” from Owens’ middle English roots and “Chen,” from Francis’ mother’s Chinese heritage. These historically inspired pieces meld designs of 30s, 40s and 50s eyewear with the heritage of their creators to produce a truly special, enduring product.

Cuthbert and Chen frames are reminiscent of a time past and allow the wearer to experience a bit of the design from the time. This homage to the historical significance of eyewear as art is at the core of Cuthbert and Chen. The designers began by reproducing acetate frames from different periods into genuine horn, and have since started reimagining the beautiful metals and drill pieces from the RetroSpecs collection, modernizing the original in luxurious titanium. This leaves us with a sleek, classic design that is entirely wearable and unique. It is perfect for anyone who is inspired by more minimal frames, never lacking in detail.

Each frame is handmade in Los Angeles, California, and features genuine blonde horn nose pads.  The design feels both industrial and delicate, setting it apart from its more intricately detailed counterparts in the RetroSpecs collection. The line is innovative with tint, which makes for a chic and light sun option, as well as a contemporary full-time pair that nods to mid-century architecture and design. The vintage feel of these frames and the versatility of the quintessential styles makes this line a timeless addition to any eyewear wardrobe.

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