Eclectic Eye + The Crybaby Club Pin Set

At Eclectic Eye, we absolutely love working with local artisans and small businesses to create products that are representative of our city and our store. We went back to the drawing board, literally, for the fourth installment of the Eclectic Eye + Crybaby Club pin collaboration. We’ve been working with Natalie, the creative force behind The Crybaby Club, to design unique, spectacle-centered pins, exclusively designed for Eclectic Eye. If you’re interested in learning how this little story began, take a look at the following blog post to see how far we’ve come! To take it a step further this time, we created a pin set. We wanted this set to represent our store and the little slice of Midtown we call home.

As a small, tight-knit team, everything is a collaborative process. We bounced around ideas of what really spoke to each of us and voted on the final product. Once the idea was in place, we handed it over to Natalie to make her magic happen. She took our ideas and made them a reality, while putting her personal spin on each piece she designed.

The pin set is a representation of Eclectic Eye from the inside out.

The first pin in the set represents the experience we offer our customers. The eyewear at Eclectic Eye can’t simply be called glasses; they are the ultimate accessory and deserve to be treated as such. For this reason, when you pick up a new pair of specs, you receive a colorful, present-like goody bag with everything you’ll need to keep your eyewear in tip-top shape.

The second pin represents our connection to the local arts community. Robbie commissioned the sculpture, Uncharted Waters, by Yvonne Bobo, and it has since become a focal point of the Cooper Connector. Celebrating its fifth birthday this year, it continues to dance in the wind and glisten in the sunshine outside the store. It’s shape, movement and color are a delightful way to show off one of the many talented artists that call Memphis home.

Our home has always been in Midtown Memphis, at the corner of South Cooper Street and Courtland Place. We have a strong connection to our neighborhood and we felt the intersection street sign was a great final addition to the pin set. When Dr. Weinberg is fine tuning a prescription, he’ll often come out of the exam room and use this landmark as a focus point, asking “Which is better? I or 2?”

The Eclectic Eye pin set would be a great addition to your favorite jean jacket or your tried and true tote bag. You can wear them together or pick and choose. There are only 100 sets available, so get yours before they’re gone! Check out our other collaborations here and here! We have accessories by The Crybaby Club and collaboration designs available in store and would love to show you anytime.


By: Lindy Faulkner, Retail Manager

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