Hot Summer Shades

kuboraum sunglasses
Arlinda in Kuboraum

With the summer months now upon us, it’s time to add some hot shades to your eyewear wardrobe. Here at Eclectic Eye, we have many great new lines with beautiful sunnies. Whether you are feeling bold or a little more subtle, we’ve got something perfect for you this season. You can also check out to see if they have anything that catches your eye for this summer season.

Keep scrolling for some of our staff’s favorite sunglasses for summer 2019.

Summer is full of a variety of activities including vacations on the water and trips to the farmer’s market. You can find one pair of frames to carry you through all of your activities, or choose a pair of sunglasses just for road tripping and another for lounging by the pool. You can match your favorite local mural or stick to a neutral color palate. Stop by our eyewear studio to find your newest sunnies.

Perfect Sunglasses for Summer 2019

Anne et Valentin Sunglasses
Anne et Valentin Sunglasses

While all of our frames are perfect for everyday wear, you’ll love the compliments you get when you wear these frames to…

… brunch. If you are walking around Midtown headed to brunch, the Ahlem Place d’Aligre that Jonathan is wearing and the Jacques Marie Mage Enzo are perfect choices to add a little color with their beautiful, pastel tints.

… a baseball game. We love supporting our local Redbirds, but daytime games can get a little too bright. Throw on some Booth & Bruce or Anne et Valentin sunnies to keep you from squinting while you sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” Both brands make sunglasses for summer 2019 and all year round!

summer 2019 sunglasses
Lindy in Maui Jim

the beach. If you are taking a vacation to the beach, Maui Jim polarized lenses are perfect for the salty air.

… a barbeque. Make a statement at your next cookout in frames from one of our newest brands, Kuboraum.

No matter what you are thinking about wearing this summer, come and see our fabulous shades that fit your summer style! We’ve got sunglasses perfect for your summer plans.

ahlem summer sunglasses
Lee in AHLEM
sunglasses for summer 2019
Arlinda in Anne et Valentin
summer frames
Jonathan in AHLEM's Place D'Aligre
Kuboraum Sunnies
Maddie in Kuboraum