Eclectic Eye Welcomes Henau to Memphis!

henau eyewearElectic Eye is beyond thrilled to introduce Henau, a brand that so perfectly embodies what we love in our eyewear—unique designs, artful craftsmanship, optical functionality and a clear passion for the work. Considering this, it’s hardly a surprise that this brand’s founders, Michel Henau and Marc Delagrange, both have backgrounds in art and opticianry. Their commitment to producing pieces that are both functional and fashionable is unmatched and we are so happy to carry their frames in our eyewear studio.

Who is Henau?

henau framesHenau grew from a small, limited edition line of eyewear designed by Michel in the seventies called OBJECTS. Over time, he began to commercialize the brand, working with famous fashion designers of the time. That’s how his eventual partner, Marc, came across his pieces. The rest, as they say, is history.

Marc and Michel produced beautiful work together for over a decade before Michel’s untimely passing in a car accident. However, Marc relaunched the line in 2000 with the blessing of Michel’s wife. Today, Marc continues to grow Henau with a specific vision in mind: #eyewearcouture.

As an optician, he has a deep respect for the expertise that goes into a well-made pair of glasses. That’s why all Henau frames are hand-designed and handmade. As an artist, it’s also important that he push boundaries and create things that are interesting and innovative. This is how we get beautiful pieces like the Hexagono, their most popular frame.

On top of all the work that he does with Henau, Marc also owns his own optical store. He and his staff pride themselves on finding the perfect frame that fits that person, both optically and personally. That’s because like us here at Eclectic Eye, he knows that glasses should look and feel good. Stop by our store in Midtown, and meet with one of our eyewear architects to be fit into your perfect frame and to shop Henau eyewear!

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