Jacques Marie Mage

As an expansion of our collection and further commitment to supporting independent eyewear, Eclectic Eye is excited to announce that the Jacques Marie Mage line is officially available in our store. J.M.M. was founded by Jerome Jacques Marie Mage, a French-born designer who moved to Los Angeles at the age of 20 and began creating luxury sportswear and accessories. His latest venture is Jacques Marie Mage, a high-design, luxury goods brand with a focus on timeless, exceptionally-crafted eyewear.

Founded in 2014, the line is centered on the fusion of classic forms with modern details. Each piece is a part of a “micro-production,” a limited release of only a few hundred pieces of one singular design; every limited edition batch differs in form and detail from another, with each product bearing its own unique serial number. This ever-changing quality keeps the line fresh and bold, but its heart is still firmly rooted in its historic influences.

Jerome Mage’s design is deeply inspired by artistic movements and figures of past eras, most noticeably of the 20th century. The bold aesthetic and striking geometric forms are showcased in a variety of precious materials and rich, meticulously chosen colors. Each frame truly feels like a work of art, a veritable sculpture with high attention to detail and premier quality features.

We are thrilled to welcome this gorgeous line to the Eclectic Eye family. It really is exquisite and luxurious, like fine jewelry for your face! We love the brand and the product, and we know you all will, too. Stay tuned for details on our Jacques Marie Mage launch event!

“Individuality is an inalienable right, an idea that demands its own unique expressions. Our mission at J.M.M. is to empower people to make personalized impressions, by offering spectacles that are unparalleled in their commitment to craft and creativity.” – Jerome Mage

By Lee Blankenship, Eyewear Architect

Photos provided courtesy of Jacques Marie Mage, Los Angeles.