Eyewear Storage Options for Your Frame Collection

eyewear storage optionBuilding an eyewear wardrobe is one of the best ways to diversify your style and add that extra element to every look. Everyone in our Eclectic Eye family has built one that reflects our unique personal aesthetic, and many of our patients and customers have extensive collections of their own. One of the hardest parts of any collection is figuring out how to store it. It needs to be organized and functional, yet pleasing to the eye, and eyewear storage is no different.

Eyewear Storage Options

Eyewear StorageAt Eclectic Eye, we offer eyewear storage solutions to fit your eyewear wardrobe. We want your frames to stay protected just as much as you do. Our most popular solution for the home is the OYOBox, a beautiful frame display case. Each OYOBox is made of the finest lacquered wood and features stainless hinges and a shatterproof clear top. Available in classic and mini sizes, OYOBoxes come in a large variety of colors and finishes. Popular finishes include classic glossy solid colors, rich woodgrains, metallics, and even exotic skins (faux, of course). They make a sleek addition to any type of space, be it a living room, bedroom or closet. Our retail manager, Lindy, has been with us about 10 years and has amassed a fabulous collection of frames. Her bamboo Oyobox (shown left) houses just a portion of her frames, displaying her beautiful and funky eyewear proudly.

Displaying or storing your eyewear at home is one thing, but traveling with it is another issue. Instead of traveling with loose, bulky cases for each frame, we like to use specially-made travel cases. These cases hold multiple frames and collapse into far more manageable, portable configurations. The theo eyewear Rock & Roll travel case (shown here in black and white faux crocodile) holds six frames and collapses into an elegant hexagonal bag. When unfolded, it can be hung on any door or—even in a closet.

oyobox eyewear storageEyebobs also offers a fold-flat eyewear travel case featuring elastic banded pockets with mesh panels that allow you to see each frame while protecting them from scratches. This black nylon case with a magnetic closure and it can also be hung in any space for easy access.

Come in and take a look at our eyewear storage options if you have an eyewear wardrobe or are interested in building one of your own. You may even find some frames to fill them!