Luxury Accessories for your Luxury Eyewear

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At Eclectic Eye, we carry only artfully crafted frames that truly showcase our passion for luxury eyewear. But why should we just stop there? We believe that the perfect eyewear should be accompanied by an equally perfect accessory. That is why we are so in love with our beautiful Valrose accessories. Gorgeous felt cases, leather and acetate pendants in various sizes, and even intricate brooches are just a taste of what this dynamic brand offers.

About Valrose

valrose pendants

Valrose, established in 1993, does its production in Saint-Didier at the foot of “Mont Ventoux”. All Valrose merchandise is guaranteed to be handmade in France, and the company is well known for using natural materials and vibrant expressive colors. Our retail manager and buyer, Lindy, orders a large stock of Valrose products at Vision Expo East every spring. She, of course, replenishes throughout the year, ensuring that we always have the most up to date product in our eyewear studio.

Our patients love pairing these accessories with their new eyewear or grabbing a few cases for gifts. Valrose has gorgeous pendants made from wood, linen, tropical beads, and their most common material, high-end acetate. These pendants are perfect for holding your favorite new sunglasses, while also looking absolutely stunning. I personally love a great accessory that is also functional, and Valrose doesn’t disappoint. They are exceptional at blending fashion and function. Their cases come in soft or hard to sort your preference, and are obviously detailed and expertly unique. They can be used to protect your wonderful eyewear or as a small clutch for that brunch outing with friends. They even have brightly colored felt cases shaped like animals for kids! It’s such a fun way to teach proper glasses care to your little ones.

Another of their wonderful accessories is their bird brooch. The adorable brooch allows you to hang your glasses on your blazer, cleverly displaying your eyewear for the world to see. Made in three colors, these acetate brooches are a great way to keep your frames off the top of your head and displayed with style.

Valrose has been around for over two decades now, and when you see the attention to detail and feel the high-quality materials used, you will understand why this company is a leader in the eyewear accessory game. Stop by Eclectic Eye today to find the perfect Valrose accessory to fit your lifestyle!