Reinventing Frames With Tinted Lenses

chris in tinted frameschris in tinted framesOne of my favorite aspects of getting a new pair of glasses is imagining what different types of lens tinting can be applied to them. The tint color of a lens can dramatically change the frame’s personality and presence. It can breathe new life into eyewear that has been around for years. This is one reason I love tinting lenses.

Tinting Lenses

tinting lenses

It’s something I considered carefully when I brought home the most recent addition to my eyewear wardrobe: a vintage, gold-filled ArtCraft frame from the 1930s, acquired from Retrospecs & Co. They are a California company known for locating and restoring antique and vintage eyewear from all over the world.

My new frame was already beautiful, but I wanted to make it truly unique. While the technology for tinting lenses has been around for centuries, the color palette I was imagining for this near-century-old piece was very modern. My goal was to create an anachronistic marriage that would be both fashionable and functional.

retrospecs tinted lensesI finally settled on a gradient tint that starts with a darker violet hue at the top of the lens and delicately blends into a lighter shade of turquoise at the bottom. The colors look stunning from an outside perspective. They are also very pleasant to look through as the wearer of the frame. This tint provides a lovely, calming effect that dampens harsher overhead light. However, it is still light enough that I can wear it all day. I can see clearly both inside with artificial lighting and outdoors with the natural light of the sun.

Adding color to your eyeglass lenses can provide an outlet for creative expression. It can also change your perception of what eyewear can be. We can help you design your own tinted lenses whether you want to update old frames or acquire new ones.