A Story of Personalized Customer Service at Eclectic Eye

Retrospecs frames
Vintage RetroSpecs Frames

At Eclectic Eye, providing great customer service and unique, high-quality eyewear is our top priority. We hope to offer the best eye exam in Memphis as well as create a collaborative process to help customers choose frames to fit their needs and lifestyle. As one of the few independently owned stores and optometry practices in the Memphis eyewear community, we are able to offer personalized care to our customers and form exclusive relationships with top brands. We recently used these relationships to offer one customer a personalized experience resulting in truly one-of-a-kind eyewear.

memphis eyewear studio
Eyewear Architect Maddie

A few weeks ago, Gina came to Eclectic Eye in search of eyewear that she really loved. Eyewear Architect, Maddie, met with Gina and discovered she was looking for frames that would practically disappear on her face. Luckily, Eclectic Eye offers a variety of minimal and clear frames that could fit Gina’s style. In the end, Gina chose stunning 1930s, white gold, vintage  RetroSpecs frames. 

While these frames were the perfect fit for her style, they were not the perfect fit for her prescription. The lens thickness needed to support Gina’s prescription is too thick for her desired frame which used a strap mount. This is where the strong relationship we have with our eyewear brands, like RetroSpecs, came into play.

The Customer Service Solution

Eclectic Eye and RetroSpecs
Eclectic Eye and RetroSpecs

In order to provide Gina with the customer service we deemed exceptional for a Memphis eyewear studio, we created a plan to find a solution that left Gina happy while still maintaining the integrity of the frames. First, we decided to order the frames in a smaller size so that the required lenses would be thinner. Our lab was then able to work with RetroSpecs lab to give Gina exactly what she was looking for—and the end result was incredible. Her personalized frames could not have been more perfect!

Gina in her frames!

Gina’s “new” vintage specs are absolutely gorgeous and, more importantly, fit her perfectly. When she came in for her dispensing appointment, she was over the moon. Even though the process of finding perfect eyewear was more complicated than most, keeping the customer happy outweighed any challenges. Thanks to Maddie, Gina now has a new favorite pair of glasses!

Stop by Eclectic Eye today to learn how we can create a personalized eyewear solution for you!