MASAHIROMARUYAMA: Artful Design, Traditional Craftsmanship

masahiromaruyama eyewearEclectic Eye’s newest line of exceptional eyewear has arrived! MASAHIROMARUYAMA brings the age-old craftsmanship of Sabae City in the Fukui prefecture of Japan to Memphis.

The concept for this brand began well before MASAHIROMARUYAMA launched in 2011. Originator, Masahiro Maruyama, had always struggled to find frames that he wanted to wear for himself. He felt stifled by the classic design of the eyewear available in his neighborhood. So, he began to carve into his frames to improve and make them feel more like an extension of himself.


masahiro eyewearThe MASAHIROMARUYAMA craftsmanship links Japan’s long history of creating exquisite eyewear with a modern approach to design. The hinges are mounted using the traditional Japanese technique and each frame is filed by hand with extreme precision. Each piece has elements that are uncommon in the eyewear world. For example, a single drop temple or a lens that is broken and pieced back together are typical elements in his designs. These innovative design choices meant that finding the perfect craftsmen essential. Masahiro speaks often about his search for these craftsmen. When he does, you can feel his reverence towards the great artisans that bring these pieces to life. His story feels similar to a pilgrimage in that it was vital a vital step along his journey to realize his vision.

masThe subtle asymmetry of MASAHIROMARUYAMA is due, in large part to the sources of his design inspiration. Each piece is inspired by a different form of unfinished art. Each collection within the line is named after the type of art it mimics; Erase, Broken, Straight and Dessin are all representative of a different way of constructing a piece of art. The frames are not “perfect” in the common sense of the word. But they do attempt to perfectly replicate the faces of their wearers. Masahiro says of his inspiration, “I prefer modest but unique asymmetry which you cannot necessarily notice when you are standing two metres away.” This is often the case with both art and humans. It is commitment to this design ethos inspiration has energized MASAHIROMARUYAMA with an ethereal quality that translates so beautifully in the realm of eyewear.

Stop by Eclectic Eye today to try on a pair of these unique frames for yourself!