Stay in the (La)Loop with Eclectic Eye with Eyelights

At Eclectic Eye, we are always looking forward to the next new and exciting thing. That means changing our space, diversifying our team, putting on events, bringing in new lines and so much more. We are constantly evolving with the times and styles, and it can be a lot to keep up with. But we have a tool to help all of our dedicated followers stay in the loop: Eyelights.

About Eyelights


Eyelights is our monthly email newsletter that keeps you up to date on everything Eclectic Eye. From Eclectic Eye frames to the Eclectic Eye family, it covers all the fresh new happenings here at our Midtown home. Each issue highlights our fabulous frames, explaining all the unique qualities that make us love them so much. We also feature any new lines that we have brought in, so we can keep all our eyewear fans informed on our beautiful inventory.

Another section of Eyelights features a different member of our Eclectic Eye family. Every person on our great team brings a special quality to our business and our purpose. Our fearless leaders, medical professionals, skilled opticians and lab specialists make our team what it is. We are happy to be able to share a little bit about each one of us with you all.


Also featured in each release of the newsletter is up-to-date information on any events we are hosting or sponsoring. We have bi-monthly art shows celebrating new local artists who will be hanging in our dispensary for several weeks, and Eyelights will keep you informed on the next showing of eclectic local art. Each issue also includes a preview of all local events that Eclectic Eye is proud to support. It is a great resource for events around town that support local businesses and causes important to our community.

Aside from exclusive content, Eyelights subscribers also get special gifts! From swag—such as insulated tumblers, CamelBak water bottles and baseball caps—to discounts on your next eyewear purchase, all you have to do to get them is subscribe and stop by the store!

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