Eclectic Eye Presents “The Art of My Healing” by Judy Weintraub

Judy Weintraub began her journey as an artist in the summer of 2000. What first started as individual art therapy in an inpatient trauma resolution center soon blossomed into paintings with lots of color and movement. The art of putting her feelings on paper, canvas and wood helped her to process her grief after experiencing a number of losses in her life.

Painting continues to be an integral and incredibly valuable part of her spiritual life, her healing and her recovery. She uses her therapeutic talents to facilitate abstract acrylic painting workshops for seniors for Creative Aging Mid-South in many locations, including Hearthside Senior Living, Belmont Village and Germantown Plantation, to name a few. Judy also holds workshops for senior residences and groups, as well as individual groups of all ages on her own time. Judy Weintraub’s artwork will be available for purchase at the art show.

Eclectic Eye presents The Art of My Healing by Judy Weintraub

Opening Reception Friday, January 3 from 6-8 p.m.

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