Cooper Street Yoga – The Roadmap to Inner Wisdom and Joy

midtown memphisMidtown Memphis is a special place, with a diversity of people and a robust mix of interesting philosophies. At Eclectic Eye, we have our own ethos that keeps us true to our purpose for the greater good. We aren’t the only local business that follows a guideline or purpose so closely. Our next-door neighbor, Cooper Street Yoga, is a pillar of growth towards their own purpose. Cooper Street Yoga strives for the intention of health and wellness in every way.

About Cooper Street Yoga

cooper street yogaCooper Street Yoga founder and friend of Eclectic Eye, Sarla Nichols, began her yoga practice 27 years ago while living a much less healthy lifestyle. However, after her doctor told her she had a very limited time to live, she dove headfirst into making better choices for her mind and body. She began eating well, writing in the mornings, meditating and learning more about what would bring her joy. Sarla learned from her teacher, Chunyi Lin, that joy is happiness for no reason. She quickly realized that she wasn’t quite sure what brought her joy, but it was her life’s mission to find out. 

She and her husband, Jimmy, opened Cooper Street Yoga in 2018 after attending a Qigong Healing workshop with Chuyni Lin. The studio offers many classes and workshops at various levels of difficulty. There is a time to suit any schedule, as they offer early morning, daytime and evening classes. They also offer the Qigong classes that prompted them to open the studio, along with some heavy movement classes and everything in between.

Displayed at Cooper Street Yoga is the phrase, “Begin where you are,” which strikes me as most poignant. That is the studio’s philosophy for yoga, for their company and for life.

midtown yogaWe must all begin somewhere in order to grow, learn and expand our minds. Sarla and Jimmy’s studio brings the community together with their philosophies, and that is truly visionary. Having great neighbors brings us joy and we love to share that with you. Visit their website to learn more about their journey and sign up for a class while you’re there!

After class, stop by Eclectic Eye and Raw Girls to experience everything our corner of Midtown has to offer.