Wearing Progressive Addition Lenses for the First Time

progressive lensesAs a recent addition to the Eclectic Eye family, I joined the team having never worn corrective eyewear. However, I recently went through the process of choosing my first pair of frames with the help of our wonderful Eyewear Architects. I chose a unique, champagne-colored, Place Mireille frame by Ahlem. Along with this beautiful frame, I received my first progressive addition lenses (PALs).

Progressive addition lenses, also known as multifocal lenses, use a gradient power effect to help me see, no matter the situation. Unlike your typical bifocals and trifocals, PALs provide the desired power without using a thick bifocal line between the distance and near viewing parts of the lens. This means I can see things at a distance and read up close with the same frame. No readers necessary!

Getting Progressive Addition Lenses

ahlem eyewearAfter selecting my frame, one of our amazing Eyewear Architects took measurements to ensure I would be able to fit the frame with my new progressive addition lenses. This is something we do with all customers, regardless of their prescriptions, to determine if further customization is needed. There are many things to take into consideration when measuring a patient who is wearing PALs, especially for the first time. A few of the things our Eyewear Architects consider when taking measurements are:

  • Prescription
  • Height
  • Facial shape/Symmetry
  • Amount of near use
  • Size of near work area
  • Pantoscopic frame angle

As someone who is six feet tall, I often have to look down more than the average person to see things that are lower. My posture is definitely not the best, but I try to stand up straight. I also spend a lot of time working on the computer. All of these details were very helpful for the Eyewear Architect taking measurements, to ensure the bifocal doesn’t get in the way of either portion.

progressive addition lensesFor some people, getting used to wearing progressive addition lenses can be quite the challenge. For me, I absolutely cannot go anywhere without them. It was a quick transition getting used to the changing of powers, and it made completing simple tasks so much easier. Previously, I had a hard time finishing a single page of a book because my eyes would get stressed so quickly. Now that I have the bifocal in my glasses, I don’t have to re-read sentences and can finish books much more quickly! This is important to me, as reading is one of my favorite pastimes. Plus, I can now see street signs much more clearly and don’t have to squint to see far off in the distance.

It is crazy how a pair of glasses can really improve your quality of life. Having a progressive prescription will continue to improve the small details of mine. This is something, I will forever be thankful. I would love to help you see the same improvement in your life. Schedule an eye exam today to see if progressive addition lenses are right for you!