Lowercase: An American Dream

New York City, New York. The world’s most diverse melting pot.
A shimmering city that never sleeps, filled with incredible foods and an immense history, overflowing with talent and fashion. So much splendor cohabits amongst this city’s towering skyscrapers. The Big Apple is the epitome of America, and its infamous copper mascot, Lady Liberty, is a constant reminder that this country is a land of opportunity. So it is not surprising that one man’s vision of creating the first manufactured eyewear line straight out of Brooklyn flourished within the steel walls of New York City. If you can dream it, New York is the place to make it happen. That man is Gerard Masci, and that vision is one of the newest forces in the eyewear market, Lowercase. Eclectic Eye is now home to this stunning brand, and we are thrilled to have a “slice” of the Big Apple right here in the Mid-South!

In 2015, Gerard Masci decided to leave his full-time career in finance. His love of eyewear kick-started an idea to create his own eyewear line. He linked up with architect and co-founder, Brian Vallario, and their vision quickly became a reality. Lowercase was established in 2016, and from the early stages, the dynamic duo vowed to provide their clients American manufacturing with an emphasis on craftsmanship “above all else.” It’s apparent in the beauty and construction of their eyewear. For example, a single frame can take two weeks to produce, and will go through 30 distinct steps before its completion. Their workshop (tucked away in the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal) allows them to do everything in-house. From design to delivery, Lowercase’s small crew of skilled craftspeople ensures the utmost in quality, with a high attention to detail. The luxurious look and feel of their frames attest to the time spent on each one.

As of now, Lowercase manufactures only hand-polished, acetate frames and sunwear. The acetate is sourced from the best manufacturers in Italy and Japan. There is something about sticking to one material and perfecting it, and I truly believe Lowercase has hit the mark. The frames are produced in small batches, and branded with their foil-stamped logo. As for the look, Lowercase frames are fresh and eye-catching. Clean angles reflect and gleam in beautifully understated colors. Old-world charm harmonizes effortlessly with modern elegance, giving the wearer a classic and chic aesthetic. The German-engineered hardware (for example, hand-set rivets) proudly showcases durability in the frames, which is evident when you hold them. Even the leather cases are perfectly thought out: a simple sleeve design that’s sturdy but with a velvety, luxurious feel. Plus, they allow the Lowercase whimsy to peek through in the chosen lemon-colored microfiber cloths, included with each frame. Sophistication with a pop – oh so very New York City!

We at Eclectic Eye are certain that these 100% made-in-Brooklyn gems will be a crowd favorite. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your sunglass collection or wanting to add another full-time pair to amp up your eyewear wardrobe, Lowercase has something for everyone. Just as a bite of New York cheesecake delights the taste buds, Lowercase will surely delight the eyes. Call or text one of our Eyewear Architects to set your appointment to see this sophisticated collection in person!