Eclectic Eye Hosts “Branch Out” by Marisa Baggett

As a former chef turned artist, Marisa Baggett, has successfully mastered many creative skill sets. We’re thrilled to host her new series, “Branch Out.” The series is a set of 13 acrylic and multimedia works largely inspired by her urge to explore ancient wisdom and the human race’s capacity for growth.

Join us on Friday, March 10, 2023, for the opening reception for Marisa Baggett. Her curated eyewear selection will be on display for purchase throughout the event and exhibit at Eclectic Eye.

Contact us at 901-276-3937 to RSVP. 

Memphis artist, Marisa Baggett.

In addition to Memphis events, galleries, and museums, Baggett’s work has been shown in museum exhibits in Baltimore, MD, and New York, NY. To see more of Marisa Baggett’s work, visit or @MarisaBaggett on Instagram.