“Branch Out” Eyewear Selection Curated by Local Artist Marisa Baggett

In pursuit of the perfect piece, every artist has mastered his or her craft with a unique set of steps. We’re thrilled to host local artist and Memphian, Marisa Baggett, and her new series, “Branch Out.” The acrylic and multimedia artworks are largely inspired by the tree of life, the mystery behind it, and the human race’s capacity for growth. 

In conjunction with the artistic expansion her work implies, we’re thrilled to connect art and eyewear in a new way. Baggett, alongside our eyewear architects, curated a selection of frames inspired by Baggett’s art exhibit.

Eclectic Eye held an opening reception for Marisa Baggett on Friday, March 10, 2023. Her curated eyewear selection will be on display for purchase throughout the exhibit at Eclectic Eye.


Opposing mediums on imperfectly round frames drew Baggett to pick the Rigards RG 1928 model. The eyeglasses appear “bold,” said Baggett, “like my art.” 


Classic tortoiseshell pattern matched with an unexpected twist: the cat eye style.


The tree of life and the mystical aura surrounding it inspired the majority of the pieces in Baggett’s “Branch Out” series. The frames are uniquely simple and offer a subtle curiosity for the mystical with the green-to-clear gradient.

Like the ancient magic that inspires her work, Marisa selected two frames by VADA named for mystically-inspired elements.


A spectacular orange hue punches through this familiar shape. Baggett dubbed the piece “unexpectedly classic,” like her personal wardrobe.


VADA’s aviator-style sunglasses show off retro-inspired, red-tinted lenses merging two high-fashion trends into one piece.

Marisa Baggett, in her art-inspired eyewear selection