My Style Is… Terence F. Clark

Classic, modern, and eclectic: The personal style of Terence F. Clark

Terence F. Clark debuted his first pair of eyeglasses as a second grader. His initial relationship with glasses was a practical one, a vital accessory to improve his sight. Now, as a 30-something Grammy award-nominated musician, Clark’s eyewear wardrobe is a central piece of his personal style, an intimate channel of self-expression.

Man wearing black framed glasses

As he’s grown into himself, his glasses offer more than Terence’s clear vision. They’re a part of his identity, how he presents himself to the world. “My glasses are my last defense of vulnerability, if you will,” said Clark. His style is so expressive his ensembles give new acquaintances a first impression of Clark’s personality before he speaks. “The look does more, so I can say less,” said Clark. And he finds security in that.

The hunt for a new look eventually brought him into Eclectic Eye. With a specific brand in mind, Clark walked into our Midtown location. He was hopeful to purchase glasses to elevate his wardrobe, which he describes as “classic, modern, and eclectic.” Assessing his personal style, Eyewear Architects introduced him to Kuboraum instead. Immediately, Clark’s interest pivoted to the Avante-guard Kuboraum masks, “From being on stage and photos, [Kuboraum masks] give a bold, classic look for me, which I enjoy,” said Clark. He now owns three masks from Eclectic Eye.

Clark accredits his travels to the evolution of his timeless, eclectic style. His successful career as a drummer for headline names like Keith Urban has taken him around the world. The cultures he’s encountered and the friendships he’s made abroad have impacted his personal style the most. As a global citizen, what Clark incorporates into his day-to-day style aims to honor those relationships.

Man wearing green jacket and black framed glasses

When asked about the way his eyewear makes him feel, Clark’s response sums up his relationship status with eyewear. “I can see, and I don’t have to say much,” he said, “I’m confident about how it makes me look and adds to my look, whatever it may be.”

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