Got Dry Eyes?

By Taylor Shockley, doctor’s assistant and scribe It’s a known fact that Memphis weather, especially in the fall and spring, tends to aggravate people’s allergies. During these two seasons, we see an increased amount of patients who are suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome, and they don’t even realize it. According to DryEye.org, 1 out of […]

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Why I Love Eclectic Eye

By Erika McChesney, eyewear architect Before working at Eclectic Eye, I worked in a busy, high-volume practice that took many different types of insurance. Each day, I felt as if the job was turning me into a glasses machine, pumping out frames and lenses as quickly as possible before the next patient came out of […]

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Gabbi’s Eyewear Wardrobe

By Gabbi Sehar, Collierville retail manager for Eclectic Eye Why you need more than one pair of frames! Why would one person need so many pairs of glasses? I mean, you can only wear one pair at a time, right? The analogy I like to give is, “you don’t just wear one pair of shoes, […]

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