Got Dry Eyes?

By Taylor Shockley, doctor’s assistant and scribe

It’s a known fact that Memphis weather, especially in the fall and spring, tends to aggravate people’s allergies. During these two seasons, we see an increased amount of patients who are suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome, and they don’t even realize it.

According to, 1 out of 5 Americans suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome. The thing I hear again and again recommended for patients is artificial tears, also known as lubricant eye drops. Artificial tears help relieve dry eye symptoms such as redness, grittiness, and pain. I have tried a few different brands myself to see what the fuss is all about.

Personally, I have terrible allergies and often get dry eyes as a result of allergy medication or, even worse, watery eyes that ruin my eye makeup.


Since working at Eclectic Eye, I’ve learned that brands that promise to get rid of redness can actually make your eyes drier and be damaging to your eyes.

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with different lubricant eye drops and wanted to share my favorites with you. Since day one of using these drops, I’ve experienced a huge improvement in my dry eyes and redness.

1. Systane Ultra: This has been my favorite go-to drop during the day. It’s not too thick and makes my eyes feel amazing. It also comes in preservative-free vials for single-time use.
Contact Lens Wearers: You don’t have to take your contacts out for this one! Since it’s a thinner drop, it can be used while wearing contacts.
Pro Tip: Put it in the fridge to get cold. It’ll make your eyes feel awesome!
2. Refresh Optive Gel Drops: I’ve recently gotten into the habit of applying these before I go to sleep. Because they’re gel drops, they’re a little bit thicker and blur your vision for a moment, but seem to provide lasting relief throughout the night.
Contact Lens Wearers: Do NOT use these while wearing contacts.
3. Thera Tears: I keep a bottle of this in my bathroom and have made it a part of my morning routine. I like to apply a drop in each eye after I wash my face and before I put on my makeup in the mornings.
Contact Lens Wearers: This lighter drop is perfect for use with contacts.

In summary, using these drops has really helped provide relief during this allergy season. I’ve been using these brands of artificial tears for about six weeks and my eyes feel amazing.

If you’re experiencing persistent dry eye symptoms after trying artificial tears, schedule an eye exam at Eclectic Eye today.