It’s All In The Details

They say that life is a game of inches, but the world of optics takes place in an even smaller arena. We’re in a business where millimeters can be the difference between clarity and distortion äóñ between visual freedom and daily torment. It’s no surprise that one of our mantras at Eclectic Eye is “attention to detail.” These minutiae are what bring people to us and what have them leaving our stores with genuine smiles on their faces.

There is a lot more to these details than simple (or sometimes very complicated) measurements, but this is where the journey begins. Our eyewear architects utilize their special skills to translate our customers’ faces and eyes to values that will materialize in prescription ophthalmic lenses. It’s my job as lab manager to ensure their hard work is accurately translated to those lenses.

In an effort to continue to provide our customers with the highest possible quality, Eclectic Eye has recently invested in the latest, state-of-the-art lens cutting technology.

The Briot Attitude lens blocker is the instrument that is capable of measuring and detecting elements of our lenses down to the hundredth of a millimeters – measurements so tiny that you’d hardly recognize them with the naked eye, but so important that you’d definitely feel them on your naked eye. This machine allows us to dictate the utmost precision for how we fit your lenses into your frame so that your eyes receive the exact prismatic medicine your doctor has prescribed for you.

The lens blocker using it’s scanning technology.

The lens blocker displaying the progressive color mapping of the lens.


Its sister machine, the Briot Attitude lens edger, executes the physical cutting of your lenses to the same meticulous specifications. After learning on our lab’s previous equipment during my first months of training, I feel as though I’ve been upgraded from an old, dependable VW bug to a sleek, gleaming sports car. I’m still putting in the same gasoline, but the performance of these new machines is astounding!

The lens edger preparing to cut the lens.

It’s been fascinating to see the difference that the digital age provides to optical equipment, and while much of our product’s quality is dependent on my own two hands and the finesse with which I use them, having these incredible tools available gives me a huge boost of confidence in my ability to give our customers the best eyewear available in Memphis, Tennessee.

If your pupils are 62.5 millimeters apart that’s exactly where we’re aiming for them to sit in your lenses. If we need your bifocal progression to start 21.5 millimeters from the bottom of your lenses, then that’s precisely what we’re able to do with our machinery. These might be details that others in the industry sometimes gloss over, but at Eclectic Eye we’re continuing to do everything we can to show you how the smallest details add up to a huge impact.