A Decade of Style

The eyewear wardrobe of Bramlett Dyles

This coming October, our Support Team Leader Bramlett Dyles will celebrate 10 years of working at Eclectic Eye. Although our staff is made up of several frame fanatics, some may call Bramlett a frame addict (in the nicest way possible, of course). Over the years, she’s acquired more than 70 frames, including glasses and sunglasses.

This said, Bramlett reviews her entire eyewear collection every year and chooses several to donate to the Lions Club International Eyeglass Recycling program. This program collects used eyeglasses, which are then cleaned, sorted by prescription strength and packaged. Most of the eyewear is distributed to areas where they will have the greatest impact, like developing countries.

To commemorate her time at Eclectic Eye, Bramlett has chosen a favorite from each year that she’s been a part of our team. She truly loves each and every one of her frames, but there are a few that really stand out. Check out her favorites below.

2015 – Francis Klein’s Livie in onyx & ruby

These sunglasses are very dear to me because I’m an activist for black animal adoptions and this frame has a black cat inscribed on the front of it. I’ve also received so many compliments on this frame from teenagers, so it makes me feel young!

2014 – Francis Klein’s Ginga in matte obsidian

2014 - FK

2014 - FK2The raised flower and jewels give this frame texture, which is unique to my eyewear collection. My husband calls these my “sparkly batman glasses!”

2013 – Anne Et Valentin’s Octet in smoke

2013 - AEV

2013 - AEV2Only 20 frames were produced in this color, so it’s hard not to feel special in this frame! This is most definitely the frame I wear the most.

2012 – Retrospecs’ Alison in buffalo horn

2012 - RS2In my role at Eclectic Eye, I get to see all of the new frames that come into the stores, so when I first saw this shipment and frame, I knew I had to have it. When I saw how beautiful the buffalo horn was, I purchased it without even trying it on! I just had to add it to my collection.

2011 – LA Eyeworks’ Cat in cranberry & hot pink

2011 - -A

2011 - LA

I have my coworkers to thank for these bright frames. At the time, I didn’t have any pops of color in my eyewear wardrobe, so they convinced me to purchase them. Once I had them, I instantly fell in love. Plus, it’s easy to wear because we dress in all black for work.

2010 – Lafont’s Celimene in ebony

2010 - LF 2

2010 - LF

Just like a “little black dress,” every woman needs this kind of black frame in her wardrobe. Sleek, but sassy because of its vintage shape and style.

2009 – Lafont’s Constance in panther

2009 - LA

Surprisingly, this is one of my most versatile frames. It’s the only animal print in my collection, but it can be worn with anything! I am not usually a fan of nose pads, but with this frame I don’t mind it at all.

2008 – Ray-Ban’s New Wayfarer in root beer

2008 - RB 2

2008 - RB

This frame was on my face for so many special memories! I purchased this vintage style in a modern color to wear on a trip with my daughter. We both toured New York together wearing the same frame (she had on the children’s version).

2007 – Lindberg in crystal

2007 - Lindberg

2007 - Lindberg2

This is my first and only frameless piece. I love it dearly, but I’m always scared to wear it because I’ve gotten in the shower with it on so many times! It is my go-to frame for the “I don’t have on glasses” look, which is why many people reach for contact lenses.

2006 – Anne Et Valentin’s Fidji in teal tortoise

2006 - AEV

2006 - AEV2These were my first frames with color, but they are still very natural. My “Eclectic Eye” look started with this frame and I have only evolved since then!

2005 – EyeBobs in black and crystal

2005 - Eyebobs

I started working at Eclectic Eye in early October and started my collection with this reader. I had my RX lenses put in this particular frame, and it just so happened to go perfectly with my Halloween costume! I’ve worn it every Halloween since. And yes, if you are wondering, I dress as a witch every year!