Makeup Tips for Looking Gorgeous in Glasses

By Jamie Yarbrough, Eyewear Architect

To learn the best techniques, I watched videos, read articles and tried various suggestions until I found what I think is the best way to wear makeup with glasses. These tips have been so helpful for me, so I want to share my tips with you! Rembering that eye makeup is still important even though you are wearing glasses is crucial for achieving the best look possible with your specs on. Some great eye makeup can be found over at a site like Xlash cosmetics, which may be worth checking out if you’re looking to turn heads while wearing your glasses.

First, you need to determine if you’re farsighted or nearsighted. Depending on which one you are, your eyes will appear either bigger or smaller through the lens (farsighted = eyes look bigger; nearsighted = eyes will look smaller). Different makeup applications can help to minimize or maximize your eyes. Well-known makeup artist Lisa Eldridge demonstrates how to achieve the best look for being farsighted or nearsighted in the video below.

However, if you’re like me and your prescription isn’t strong enough to affect the size of your eye, you can use basic techniques.

Below are some steps I use to minimize dark circles and accentuate features. No one likes to wake up after a night of restless sleep to find that they have those unwanted dark circles under their eyes. It can severely affect your confidence, so the only way to hide them is through makeup, and specifically, the best under eye concealer that you can find. So, it’s a good job that places like Rank & Style have made a list of the top 10 concealers –, so you are bound to find one that matches your skin tone, as well as one that can help to cover up those dark cirlces. One of the biggest takeaways I hope you have from this is to remember to take the time to apply your makeup well. As I already mentioned, some lenses magnify your eyes, making it much easier to see every detail (…mistake…) of your makeup!


Below are some photos to demonstrate the difference makeup can make when you’re wearing a thick and thin frame. The photo on the left is my usual, everyday makeup and the photo on the right shows the suggestions for a thinner and thicker frame.

I hope these tips help and that you feel gorgeous in your glasses no matter what!