Lindy Faulkner Promoted to Retail Manager & Receives Optical Certification

We’re thrilled to share that Lindy Faulkner has been promoted to Retail Manager of our Midtown store and earned the National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLE) certification!

Lindy has been part of the Eclectic Eye team as an Eyewear Architect since 2010, and her hard-working, fun and professionalism is an asset to our team.

“Lindy’s vast experience in the eyewear industry is invaluable, and her commitment to continuing optical education makes her a role model for the rest of our team,” said Robbie Johnson Weinberg. “Her dedication to our customers and furthering her education strengthens her ability to provide the best, most knowledgeable service to our patients.”

Officially passing the NCLE test in July, Lindy is the fourth current Eclectic Eye employee with this prestigious certification. She joins Randall Bennett, Bramlett Dyles and Brad Carroll, who are all Licensed Dispensing Opticians.

Lindy received a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising and minor in marketing from the University of Memphis in 2009. In addition to her recent NCLE certification, Lindy is American Board of Opticanry certified and a monthly contributor to the Daily Optician, a blog that showcases eyewear and eye health trends from different opticians around the world.

“I’m now certified to check and dispense contact lenses for our patients, which allows me to better assist the doctors and answer any patient questions, therefore improving our work flow,” said Lindy. “Many people think contact lens wear is an easy, everyday routine, but I enjoy enlightening people on why healthy, cognizant contact lens use is important to their overall health.”

Check out recent coverage of Lindy’s new role and certification in the Memphis Business Journal and The Daily News.