Lindy & Rebecca Master the Art of Sewing

This fall, Lindy and Rebecca participated in the Memphis College of Art Continuing Education Beginning Sewing class sponsored by Memphis Fashion Week. With lots of practice, many mistakes, tips from The Colette Sewing Handbook and lessons from the fabulous instructor, Becca Klepko, they’re now able to make clothing on their own.

What a fun talent to have!


During the six week class, they learned the key elements of sewing a garment from a pattern. The instructor began the class with basic sewing machine guidelines and worked with the students on sewing a straight line with a back stitch, measuring for a pattern and sizing the pattern appropriately.

MCA class.jpg

From there, Lindy and Rebecca finished cutting the pattern to size and gathered fabric and required notions, such as pins, buttons and thread. In the process of cutting the fabric to pattern, the instructor explained weave and grain direction, fabric selvedges and how to pin the fabric to the pattern without wasting fabric.

By the third class, Rebecca and Lindy started sewing the pattern pieces together as the book instructed. This long process required focus and attention to detail, skills that Lindy and Rebecca have mastered while working at Eclectic Eye.

At the end of the fifth week, the class moved to the finishing touches – inserting interfacing and a center back zipper and finishing the hem.


Now, Lindy and Rebecca both feel more confident in the overall use of a sewing machine and reading a pattern.

They came away from the class with a finished dress and the drive to continue creating and learning the art of sewing. Check out their final designs below!

SewingClass Final.jpg