Cardio Barre: 30 Day Challenge

By Lindsay Dotson, office administrator at Eclectic Eye

Everyone at Eclectic Eye shares a passion for health care äóñ and that includes more than just your eyes. For this reason, Jamie, Erika, Rebecca and I decided to join Cardio Barre in Overton Square at the beginning of this month. We each purchased a 30-Day Unlimited Class package and decided to challenge each other to attend at least two to three classes per week for the entire 30 days.

When it comes to health, a whole body approach is key to keeping both our minds and bodies sharp, so that we can bring our best to work each day. So, while we all have amazing specs and healthy eyes, we wanted to challenge ourselves physically äóñ the team building is a bonus!

Cardio Barre is centered around no-impact exercises with light weights and high energy. It’s a great cardio workout, and in just an hour you work your entire body. It’s done in comfy clothes, bare feet and of course, appropriate eyewear so you don’t miss grabbing the bar in front of you.

At our first class all together, we met mid-morning on Sunday. Erika and Jamie brought some serious style to the morning with sequined Uggs and leopard print shoes, Rebecca had on some killer retro glasses and I had on my favorite bright purple Bevel Specs!


I’m sure plenty of folks out there wonder how we workout in glasses without them falling off, right? If your glasses are adjusted to fit your face correctly, they shouldn’t slip off, even with all the moving around. We made it through the entire hour with no slipping at all! If your specs aren’t fitting quite this well, drop by Eclectic Eye for an adjustment.

As newbies to Cardio Barre, we decided to go to the Intro class that walks through each series of exercises at a slightly slower pace than the Beginner class. Our instructor Jayme helped us to learn all the coordinated movements. Even though it was in intro class, there was high-tempo music, and the class was done at a quick pace to keep your heart rate up the entire time. We were all out of breath and feeling the burn by about 15 minutes in! The great part is that the class ends with some relaxed stretching and yoga poses that leave you feeling amazing, but also energized from the killer workout.

We were all hooked immediately and started coordinating our next class right away!