How to Choose Sunglasses to Fit Your Lifestyle

By Rebecca Allen, eyewear architect

One of the biggest challenges I face in my optical career is teaching patients the benefits of having prescription sunwear. Most people feel like there isn’t a need for prescription sunwear or don’t want to be bothered by the hassle or cost.

Ever noticed how your eyes feel more tired on a particularly bright day when you’re not wearing sunglasses? That’s due to the glare and the added strain from squinting while trying to focus on your task at hand. All that squinting causes wrinkles, too, especially without the help of the right collagen eye patches that work by rehydrating and plumping the area around the eye. Who wants wrinkles?!

Prescription sunglasses provide added UV protection, and, if polarized, cut the horizontal glare that comes up from windshields, concrete or water. Also, skin cancer around the eyes accounts for 5-10% of all skin cancer diagnoses yearly. Felix Gray sunglasses block 100% UVA/UVB, filter blue light to enhance color, and reduce glare with an anti-reflective coating resulting in excellent optical clarity.

At Eclectic Eye, we work with each patient to discuss their options based on their needs and wants. Are they light-sensitive? Do they have an active lifestyle? It’s important to take note of the patient’s priorities while making sure they have a thorough understanding of their options:

Dedicated Prescription Sunglasses

A dedicated pair of prescription sunglasses is a separate pair of glasses that you wear in place of your regular prescription glasses to perform tasks in bright light or where additional protection is needed.

These can be fashionable or sporty depending on the types of activities you do while wearing them. Many people have a couple of styles for different activities. For example, I have a sporty, fashion, yard work-specific (and high-coverage frame), so I can choose based on the activity or my mood.Untitled2Clip-Ons

A clip-on sunglass is one that will attach to your current pair of prescription glasses and can easily be put on or removed. Some eyewear companies have ready-made clips for their frames, which makes it convenient to order and have ready when you get your new glasses.

At Eclectic Eye, you can get a custom clip made to fit any pair of frames that you may already own or are purchasing. These clips, depending on the company, can be perfectly matched to the design of the frame or a generic frame style in basic colors. As an added benefit, almost all clips are available in polarized or tinted lenses.


Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are available in your everyday pair of glasses and change lens color when exposed to UV light. This option is great for someone who is constantly in and out of buildings and does not want to worry about switching between pairs of glasses or putting on a clip-on. The transition lenses on the market today have new technology that transitions quicker than in the past, but some still leave a small tint when inside.


The best option is always going to be a dedicated pair of sunglasses, but you may be a candidate for more than one of the options listed above. Come in today to speak with one of our experienced eyewear architects to get more information and get on the path to strain-free vision!