Fall 2016 Sunglass Trends

By Jamie Yarbrough, eyewear architect – The fall season is here! Even though you may not be thinking of sunglasses, it is important to protect your eyes from the sun year-round. Also, you’ll be very on trend if you are wearing sunglasses in one of these popular shapes/styles: flat mirrored lenses, modified cat eyes, round or funky shapes. Scroll down to learn more about these styles and see some examples of the frames we carry at Eclectic Eye.

  1. Mirrors, mirrors and more mirrors! This trend started in the spring and has come full force for the fall. The newest trend in mirrors is to put it on a REALLY flat lens. In general, lenses have curves, so when you make a lens flat and put a mirror on it, there is a huge difference in the look of it. It actually looks FLAT. One of the lines we carry, KREWE du Optic, is pushing this trend by making almost all of their new fall styles with flat mirrored lenses. Check out Erika and Rebecca modeling some flat lens frames.
Rebecca (left) in a KREWE flat lens and Erika (right) in a KREWE curved lens.
KREWE flat lens
  1. Cat Eye Crazy! The cat eye is a never-ending style that is coveted by many. The cat eye sunglass style this fall is oversized and impeccable. Designers have been modifying the cat eye shape over the years, and this season you will see the circular lens with the cat eye shape coming just from the frame. This gives the cat eye a more modern look and is very surprising to the eye.
Anne et Valentin Scarlett
IMG_20161029_102757 (1).jpg
Anne et Valentin Scarlett
  1. Over the top and round! The round shape has become very popular this past year in ophthalmic (clear lens) glasses and is now trending in sunglass styles. If you like the round shape you could even create your own custom pair with custom printing clothing sites such as Imprint or others and make your sunglasses even more personal to you! The sunglasses in this round shape are usually larger than the ophthalmic versions, so they will give you the coverage you need to block the sun. Francis Klein, Anne et Valentine and Krewe du Optic are among a few brands we carry that offer frames in this style.
IMG_20161029_102253 (1).jpg
Anne et Valentin Streisand
Francis Klein Saumer
IMG_20161026_131423 (1).jpg
  1. Wild and wacky! Simple is out and elaborate is in! The more elaborate the better. You will see lots of cool and interesting shapes in sunglass frames this fall. The selection at Eclectic Eye is somewhat tame compared to what you can find out there, but still funky enough to make you look twice! Anne et Valentin and KREWE du optic have some great options if you want that funky look.
aev sirena - funky.jpg
Anne et Valentin Sirena
IMG_20161026_131107 (2).jpg
aev- swinton funky.jpg
Anne et Valentin Swinton

Come by Eclectic Eye to check out the great selection of sunglass styles! Not only will they protect your eyes, but they will also be a great fashion accessory this fall.