CUSTOMEYES: Custom Eyewear Treatment

By Lindy Faulkner, Midtown store retail manager

Have you ever picked up a “one size fits all” clip from the drug store and it just didn’t quite fit? Or have you picked out a brightly colored frame only to find out there is no clip color option that comes even close to matching? Well, look no further than CUSTOMEYES. This company is our new favorite go-to for custom eyewear treatments.

Located in California, CUSTOMEYES was born in 2012, but owner Arnold De’Burdo brings 30 years of experience to the table. He takes “custom” clips-ons a step further by painting them meticulously to match the colors of your frame, or any color you’d like! The clip construction is sturdy and well-made, and the painting is always crisp, clean and a perfect match!

We are starting to see a lot of matte finishes in the eyewear world. This gives the frame color a flat finish and a different amount of depth. The matte finishing changes the color in the most subtle way, which gives it a unique touch. With many frame lines, we see that certain colors or frames offer a matte option, but not all. Arnold solves this problem, too. He offers a matte finishing service and will create a smooth matte finish on any polished frame. It looks flawless every time! No one would ever know that the frame wasn’t originally made that way.

One of the most amazing services offered by CUSTOMEYES is their re-painting service. We recently sent in a frame that was purchased at Eclectic Eye ten years ago. The customer loved this frame, even though the painting was severely chipped and faded. The overall design was so interesting and unlike anything she’d even seen before or since. She was ready to retire them when we suggested CUSTOMEYES. It took some time, but when the frame came back to us, it looked brand new! The paint was vibrant and made the interesting frame design pop once again.

Check out their Facebook or Instagram so you can see all of their awesome work!

Do you have a frame that needs to be brought back to life or a unique frame that needs a specific clip color to match? Come in so we can introduce you to the artistry that is CUSTOMEYES.