Francis Klein: An Eclectic Eye Staple

“Glasses are like haircuts: we do not choose that from our neighbor but the one that suits us, changes us, the one we like or the one that gives us confidence…one that simply allows us to be ourselves in all circumstances.“ This quote fully describes the mission of Francis Klein eyewear. Here at Eclectic Eye, we pride ourselves in providing independent eyewear to the Memphis community, and we are very fortunate to have been selling this beautiful brand to our customers since 2014. So often at Eclectic Eye, we get asked the question, “How do you choose which lines to carry?” With Francis Klein, it is such an easy answer.

About Francis Klein

While Francis Klein is influenced by French fashion, the brand also designs each pair of glasses with their unique customers in mind. Francis Klein knows their customers are searching for extraordinary frames, they go above and beyond with their embellishments. One of their staple accessories is the addition of Swarovski Crystals on their frames. Not only does this add a little sparkle, but also a feminine touch. Additionally, this comes into play with their cat-eye shapes and captivating colors. These glasses are made with the finest acetate, using a burning and scratching technique which creates scallops and edges. They also incorporate fabric, lace and feather inlays into the frames themselves, which create vibrant patterns while adding visible texture and interest. By using all of these elements of design, each frame in this luxury line has a distinct flair.

Another reason we love having Francis Klein frames in our store is not only because of their fabulous look, but also because of the story behind the frames. When Francis Klein first opened his Paris optical shop in the 1970s, he knew he wanted to create a brand that had never been seen before. In order to do this, he sought guidance from his wife and sought help from his two daughters, Betty and Dixie, our personal brand rep. The two women still work for the company and are continuing to bring this beautiful line around the globe. They even remember helping their father adjust frames in their garage.

Everyone at Eclectic Eye loves the one-of-a-kind look of Francis Klein frames, and we are so happy to carry such a fun, independent line of eyewear. Next time you stop in the store, you might just see one of us wearing a pair of Francis Klein frames!

By: Maddie Robinson, Eyewear Architect