Get to Know: Maddie Robinson

Maddie Robinson has been hired as Eyewear Architect! Help us welcome her to the Eclectic Eye team and check out all the reasons she exemplifies the Eclectic Eye mission

Full Name: Maddie Robinson

Title: Eyewear Architect

Education/job responsibilities: I have a Bachelor of Arts in art from the University of Mississippi. As an eyewear architect, I get to assist our fabulous customers with eyewear choices that work best with their own personal, everyday lifestyle.

Volunteer activities: I love supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital events. I have a little cousin who is a patient there, so any event associated with St. Jude is very near to my heart!

Personal interest: I have a photography business and enjoy taking photos when I can.

What do you enjoy most about working at Eclectic Eye? The atmosphere at Eclectic Eye stands out to me the most. The moment you walk through the doors, you are immediately greeted by smiling faces who are willing to help in whatever way they can. Great customer service is so important, and it is a dream working at a place that thrives on delivering the best service. In addition, getting to know our customers is so fun. Eclectic Eye is also known for selling independent eyewear. Being an artist myself, I love how each frame is so unique in its design making, and each one truly a work of art.

Favorite frames and why? The Mykita Bambi frame is my absolute favorite right now! Mykita’s lightweight designs are always a plus, and when you add the cute peak at the top of this frame, they are just adorable. Their small, petite rims are so subtle, yet they definitely make a statement.