Creating the Perfect Frames with Eclectic Eyewear by Wissing

At Eclectic Eye, our brand promise is to offer a tailored experience, curated eyewear, artful craftsmanship and unparalleled care. Recently, we helped a new customer create her perfect Eclectic Eyewear by Wissing frames.

eclectic eyewearLisa recently moved to Tennessee and was looking for new frames.  Her current glasses were more than five years old, but she had trouble finding a look and style that fit her well. Lisa has plenty of experience choosing glasses, as she has been wearing them most of her life. She knows that finding the right frames requires having an optician who understands her prescription needs and will listen to specific aesthetic requests. She was concerned that her high prescription would make the lenses look too thick or create excess magnification, and she also needed to find a frame small enough for her petite face. This is an issue we deal with fairly often. While she loved her current pair of glasses, she complained that people often mistook them for readers due to their rectangular shape. In order to avoid this issue, she wanted to choose eyewear that was rounded. Lucky for Lisa, a round frame worked favorably with her lens thickness concerns.

When dealing with higher powered lenses, it’s important to study the fit of the frame as it relates to the distance between the pupils and the eye size of the frame. These are factors I consider as an optician to make sure that the fit and vision work in tandem. In addition to prescription limitations, Lisa had another request; she wanted her new eyewear to represent her personality and show how unique and fun her eyewear could be. In the past, she had to sacrifice fit over style or vice versa, and this time she wanted to get the whole package.

Customizing Eclectic Eyewear by Wissing

eclectic eyewear by wissingAfter a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Weinberg, Lisa was paired with me, Dave, to help her finish the process. After hearing her concerns and requests, we pulled frames from different collections to find the perfect fit and style. When we came to the Eclectic Eyewear by Wissing collection, Lisa immediately found a colorway she was drawn to. Wissing is known for layered colors and patterns that provide personality and fit the bill for the unique edge Lisa wanted. There was just one problem: The shape she liked was still too big to fit her prescription needs. After considering a few other options, Lisa kept coming back to a specific colorway and shape combination we found within the Wissing collection. As it turns out, the Eclectic Eyewear by Wissing is the perfect choice that ticked all the boxes for fit and style because we are able to customize them. Everything from the colors, sizes, temple length and even the finish can be customized to each customer’s specific needs.

Creating the perfect fit for Lisa was the most important step. After choosing the preferred color and shape, we pulled other frames in the store with a similar fit to what she was looking for and used the appropriate measurements to customize the shape and size. I carefully measured the proper frame, temple and bridge size. This will ensure Lisa has an optimal fit and yield the best overall appearance of her new eyewear. I minimized the thickness of the lenses with advanced materials and proper placement of the optics in her frame. I also optimized the visual characteristics of her lenses for the best vision possible.

The Process and Final Product

eclectic eyeOnce the Eclectic Eyewear by Wissing design was created, I sent the parameters to Germany. It typically takes 4-6 weeks for the manufacturer to ensure that the shape and size are fabricated exactly to specifications. This also allows time for hand finishing or polishing. Typically, we take all the measurements needed to fabricate your lenses at the time of purchase, but for Lisa, we wanted to make sure the custom frame came out just right before ordering the lenses.

Once the Eclectic Eyewear by Wissing frame arrived, I removed it from the package with excitement. I knew it was perfect as soon as I saw it! Lisa was thrilled with the final product, too. Our next step was to measure and make her prescription lenses, keeping our thickness concerns top-of-mind. Less than two weeks later, Lisa had fully customized and prescription appropriate eyewear.

As an Eyewear Architect, it’s my job to listen to what the customer has envisioned and guide them through the process. This experience with Lisa is just another testament to limitless options we provide to help you achieve the look you want. We aren’t all the same size and shape, and our eyewear shouldn’t be either. Our dispensary has something for everyone, and if you can’t find it, we’ll make it for you!

Schedule an appointment to meet with Dave or another one of our Eyewear Architects today to see how we can help you find the perfect frames and lenses.