Maui Jim

Founded in 1980 in Hawaii, Maui Jim has proven to be one of the best fashion and performance lines of sunglasses that we carry at Eclectic Eye. All Maui Jim sunglasses are polarized and 100 percent U.V. protected. Not only are Maui Jim sunglasses available in a wide array of colors, but the lens technology is second to none. The lenses are available in HCL bronze, grey, HT (green) and rose. Different lens colors are optimum for different activities and time of day. If you are a light sensitive individual, the grey lens is a great option to provide extreme protection. If you are a golfer or a tennis player, the HCL bronze is a wonderful option as it provides a bright or warm contrast which many say enables them to see the ball better and read the green more easily. When it is a bit overcast or even rainy, the HCL bronze lens provides a great contrast, especially while driving. On those bright sunny days when you need a dark lens, the grey lens provides protection so you don’t have to squint.

Maui Jim is available in both RX and non-RX. Eclectic Eye is an authorized dealer and because of that, we can fit RX’s in most frames. Not only will we be able to order your RX in these frames, the lenses look almost exactly like they do on the display models. Maui Jim frames come in several materials including titanium and high performance plastic. One of the newest lens features is the Blue Hawaii mirror coating. This is a great lens addition for that hot fashion look that we all want!

Maui Jim frames are comfortable and the frame designs have become so fashionable over the years for both men and women. When a customer or patient needs sunglasses, one of the first recommendations is usually Maui Jim. Whether it is RX or non-RX they are in search of, Maui Jim generally has a frame and lens combination to fit their lifestyle.

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