Enhance Your Eyewear Wardrobe With Tinted Lenses

Previously, we have discussed ways to dramatically change the look and presence of a frame. As there are many ways to tint your lenses, we now want to take a look at how more subtle tinting can enhance your eyewear wardrobe.

Subtle Ways to Tint Your Lenses

custom tintThe Margit K by Andy Wolf is a simple, conservative P3 shape with gray acetate accents. Eyewear Architect Maddie customized the lenses with a very light gradient casting of lavender that plays well off of the satin gray acetate and shiny chrome hardware. While this tint doesn’t make a bold statement, the frames almost give an “eye shadow” effect when worn on someone with fairer skin, like Maddie.

tint your lensesOn the left, we have the Parker from Jacques Marie Mage. While already having a strong presence with a luscious satin copper accent on the backside of an automotive grill-grate pattern on the front, this soft olive-green tint adds a contrasting hue while playing along with the earthy tones of the frame. I love this combination, because it’s an understated, sexy look that can be dressed up or worn casually.

tinted lensesThe Mykita Studio series is already a really fun line. This 6.8 model is a sporty, modern aviator with ultra-clean lines and a tasteful stripe of dark-blue enamel paint running through the center of the front and along the temples. I loved the larger look of this frame, but I wanted them to act as a veiling type of shade to offset the size. The result is something very unique without being overly flashy. They can be worn all day and night!

Special Lens Treatments

transition lensesWe have an interesting application of tinted lenses in combination with photochromatic (aka transition) lenses! The Clare V collaboration with Garrett Leight is a playful cat-eye with glittered, nude acetate. When activated, the chromatic lenses turn a beautiful, vibrant sapphire that contrasts nicely with the neutral tone of the frame. A function of the tint is revealed when the lenses transition back to clear, revealing a lovely sky blue tint that makes it seem like the chromatic sapphire never truly disappears from the lenses.

garrett leight framesTake a look at another Garrett Leight frame: the Vista in rose gold. This frame is an homage to a vintage style made very popular in the 1950s. Garrett Leight took the overall shape and feel and added a few modern touches and a beautiful blush-colored brow. This time, we applied a modern tint treatment and selected a color scheme that would complement the frame’s vintage inspiration. The bi-gradient tint starts out at as crisp sea glass and changes into a soft blush. This fun addition gives the look an extra burst of personality, while still maintaining the classic-ness of this style.

Tint can be a fun way to add personality to your glasses, so don’t be shy! We have many different colors and combinations to choose from. We can recreate any of the styles above with or without a prescription. We’ll happily make tint suggestions for your new or existing frames, or you can create your own! The options are endless. Check out the other ways we have used tints to make a truly eclectic pair of specs – here and here!

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