Eye Exams – What to Expect

At Eclectic Eye, we aim to provide the highest quality eye exams in Memphis! Whether you’re a new or existing patient at Eclectic Eye, we take your eye care seriously, because we understand the strong connection eye health can play in your overall well-being. In order to dispel some of the anxiety people have surrounding eye exams, we want to give you an idea of what they can expect. It is important to our doctor and team that we allot the appropriate amount of time to truly focus on the care of our patients and meet their expectations for every exam.


eye exam When you come in for a comprehensive eye exam, we begin with pre-testing, which includes dilation, visual acuity testing, visual field testing, wellness optical coherence tomography (OCT), ocular pressure check and autorefraction.

Visual acuity testing checks to see how well one can see details of shapes and numbers at a specific distance. Once this is complete, we dilate the patient’s eyes. Dilation allows the doctor to get clear views of the structures and overall health of the eye. Dr. Weinberg uses a mild drop when dilating that allows him to see the structures inside the eye, but minimizes the negative affects dilation can have on light sensitivity and focusing issues. This is important for the patient’s comfort and overall convenience since this allows them to get back to their day with no downtime.

Next, we use an automated refractor, a computer-controlled machine that gets an objective measurement of a person’s prescription. We then check the intraocular pressure and administer the visual field test. This test focuses on peripheral vision and can recognize signs of ocular diseases, such as glaucoma. Lastly, we conduct the wellness OCT test, which helps provide a retinal view that can be used by the doctor to monitor overall ocular health.

All of these steps are done prior to the actual eye exam! Why, you ask? It is important for us to completely understand the health of the eyes of our patients and to provide very thorough care from start to finish. This makes us unique from other local optometry clinics, which is why we give one of the best eye exams in Memphis.

Eye Exam

Once all of the pre-testing is completed, the eye exam begins. After a friendly conversation, Dr. Weinberg starts the refraction. This is when he uses the phoropter to “spin the dials” and determine the new prescription for the patient’s glasses. He then uses the slit lamp to evaluate the structure and overall health of the front of the eye. Lastly, Dr. Weinberg uses Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy, otherwise known as putting on his funny little hat, to get a good look at the back of the eye, making sure everything looks nice and healthy. Each eye exam lasts 45 minutes to one hour, allowing us to take time to be as detailed as needed.. This gives Dr. Weinberg plenty of time to provide a detailed exam and allow time for questions or any additional explanation that may be needed.

Here at Eclectic Eye, we aim to have cutting-edge technology that not only allows us to be more efficient, but also is more patient-friendly. Speaking of patient-friendly – we have steered away from the air puff that tests ocular pressure! We now have a new device called the iCare that is much more gentle and accurate. The new digital refraction system has greatly assisted with our efficiency. The system also includes high-resolution cameras. We utilize them for pictures during the exam to explain to patients in more detail the doctor’s findings or to document changes in the eye.

The Eclectic Eye Difference

eye exam technologyEclectic Eye is one of the first companies in the Mid-South to implement this equipment. We are excited to use it to further enhance the quality of care we already provide! While we love our new equipment, we always verify prescriptions to ensure accuracy. Trial lenses allow Dr. Weinberg to test your response in the exam room and out in the dispensary. This confirms his findings and fine-tunes the glasses prescription to best suit your visual needs. As Dr. Weinberg says, “We fully embrace our new technology, but will not lose our roots. We will not lose sight of those things that keep us in touch with the real world.” This philosophy ensures accuracy, because although the phoropter might indicate one prescription, Dr. Weinberg may notice that a new prescription out in the real world is more appropriate.

In addition to providing comprehensive exams, Eclectic Eye can help with any contact lens needs and address any medical eye emergencies. We maintain our commitment to comprehensive care across all appointment types. We have a smart scheduling philosophy that allows for minimal wait time no matter what type of appointment you need.

Once the eye exam is complete, the fun part begins! Trying on our artful frames is the cherry on top of the sweet relationship we build with our patients. Our Eyewear Architects are some of the most knowledgeable in Memphis, and do a wonderful job helping you pick the perfect pair of glasses.

If you or anyone you know in Memphis is in need of an eye exam, you know just the place to go! At Eclectic Eye, we will always provide the highest quality experience. We make certain each patient and customer feels welcome and receives the best possible care. Schedule an appointment today!