How to Style Unique Frames

At Eclectic Eye, we live up to our name. We carry a wide variety of eclectic eyewear from classically inspired MOSCOT to design-it-yourself Wissing. Some people are drawn to more eccentric brands. Others are a bit scared of bold eyewear, as they aren’t sure how to incorporate it into their wardrobe, so we teamed up with local boutique Nine01 II Five04 to show you how easy it can be to style unique frames.

Going All-In on Color

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With Khalifa, we wanted to play off different hues of the same color. Nine01 II Five04 styled her in a gorgeous handmade, burgundy Tuscany maxi dress. This dress perfectly played off the 3072 Eclectic Eye by Wissing frames. Designed by Eclectic Eye opticians, this over-the-top combination of shape and color is not for the faint of heart. The unique blend of red and orange in the frames works with the intricate detailing of the dress to create an unforgettable look. If you want a way to stand out in a crowd, you’ve just found it! We added even more red to this look with a Valrose lanyard.

Same Style, Different Frames

MASAHIROMARUYAMA MM-0040For Soul’s first look, we wanted to show off how different frames can work for the same outfit. First, we chose the MASAHIROMARUYAMA MM-0040. Influenced by risk-takers, this frame moves from vibrant gold to an enamel-coated emerald. Providing subtle asymmetry and a twisted metal bridge, this Japanese designer’s commitment to the avant-garde is obvious. It stands out against the Psycho Bunny Black Mischief Polo and Duck Head Ironworks Cords. The neutral palette allows the gold and emerald frames to be the star of the show.

mykita velmamemphis eyewear for menWith this same look, we had Soul try on Mykita eyewear. The simple, clean lines of Mykita provide a way to make a statement with your eyewear, without going over the top. Maybe you want your frames to be unique, but not the topic of conversation at the dinner party. Mykita’s sleek design allows you to wear an oversized or funky shape that enhances, rather than stands out. The Velma frame is featured here in a milky, moonlight colorway to give you the versatility with a touch-more-distinctive personality. Pairing these frames with a casual, yet unique polo and statement cords make you a cut above the rest. The Kindreds handwoven backpack offers easily accessible side pockets for your eyewear case.

Style Both Unique Frames and Sunnies

Kuboraum Maske T10We wanted to show how two equally unique frames can take you from indoors to outdoors without compromising style. For the outdoors, we styled Khalifa in the Kuboraum Maske T10. Dreamed up in Berlin and made in Italy, Kuboraum is creating a mindset and an identity with each frame. Uniquely called MASKS, these frames “highlight personality and emphasize character.” The Maske T10 brings together traditional round and aviator’s looks while adding a futuristic component. The deep green in the lens provides enough protection for daytime wear, but is light enough to be worn at night. Colored lenses are an edgy alternative to ordinary sunglasses and are ideal for recreating vintage outfits while drawing attention to your unique style. We coordinated these swanky lenses with a fabulous vintage-inspired floral jacket to make the green pop against a more muted color.

theo PendeloqueKuboraum T10For indoors, we paired this look with the white theo Pendeloque. While Antwerp is the center of creativity for the designers of theo eyewear, it is also a premier destination for gem and diamond cutting. theo took this industry and fused it into their latest collection – each shape has faceted details to accentuate the shape and color In contrast to the Kuboraum frames, these white frames really pop against the shirt and complement the Navajo statement necklace, making this a fall outfit that is sure to turn heads.

The Perfect Look for Fall

Jacques Marie Mage NewtonFor Soul’s final look, we went for something perfect for the chilly months ahead. Tortoiseshell glasses, plaids and vests are all trending with men’s fall fashion. These Newtons by Jacques Marie Mage fit that bill. Handcrafted in Italy, the Newton frame is inspired by its namesake, Oliva Newton-John. Jerome, a designer for Jacques Marie Mage, wanted to convey the playful, yet overstated shape commonly worn by the pop-disco queen in the early 80s, but with a modern spin. The gold bar detail on the rich matte tortoiseshell frames complements the cider-colored vest. The dark hunter green button-up and olive denim are easily paired with the versatile brown-toned frames. These frames come with a super lush oxblood eyewear chain that adds even more dimension and versatility to the look.

lush oxblood eyewear chainWhile all these glasses had their own, individual look, we were easily able to style these unique frames without any issues. The fact that all the clothing came from a single store shows that no matter what you have in your closet, with a little imagination and creativity, you can rock any eyewear. Stop by today to find a pair of unique frames that catch your eye.