Part One: Tinted, Mirrored and Flash Lenses

You’ve probably seen images of celebrities in flash, mirrored and tinted lenses and may want to invest in a pair for yourself. If you’re not sure which type to get, we can help! I’ve In this blog, we explain the differences between tinted, mirrored and flash lenses and provide examples for each type, so you’ll know exactly what you want.

Flash Eyeglass Lenses

Flash lenses are clear or sunglass lenses with a flash of color! As you move or turn your head you might see a pop or flash of blue, green, etc. Flash mirrors give you the opportunity to make any pair uniquely yours. Flash lenses

Maui Jim Sunglasses with flash lenses

Mirrored Eyeglass Lenses

Mirrored lenses are popular, especially right now, with Ray Ban and KREWE like the St. Louis, Josephine and Conti. Green and blue mirrored lenses are two of the most popular colors, but you can get them in several other tones. Pink with orange is a new favorite for summer.

These lenses can be added to any pair of sunglasses (polarized or regular) to make your sunnies unique. Adding a black flash mirror can help give a cosmetically darker look.

Mirrored lenses

KREWE sunglasses with mirrored lenses

Tinted Eyeglass Lenses

Tinted lenses are sheer layers of color added to clear lenses to give a hint of color. The lenses won’t be opaque, but the treatment adds a really cool, unique flair to any frame. While the eyeglass lenses aren’t meant to be a substitute for a darker sun certain colored lenses actually do serve medical purposes. 

For example, yellow-tinted lenses are helpful for enhancing depth perception and contrast. They are also sometimes prescribed for those with macular degeneration to help with glare sensitivity and decreased the clarity of vision.

tinted lenses
Tinted Lenses in Rose, Rose Gradient and Green

Swing by Eclectic Eye and let us help you customize frames for your personality. Flash and mirrored lenses, especially, are a great way to expand your eyewear collection and add some fun with beach weather right around the corner!

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