Independent Eyewear Day

Luxury Eyewear Forum has declared Friday, May 20, 2016 as Independent Eyewear Day. On this day, LEF would like individuals to:

“Celebrate independent design in eyewear on this day. All the small design houses, manufacturers and distributors who keep the spirit of independence alive with their commitment to amazing and different eyewear. Without them this industry would be consist only of overly mass produced and soulless product.”

At Eclectic Eye, we pride ourselves on offering products that are thoughtfully curated, unique, creative, luxurious and handcrafted by independent designers from across the globe with families just like us, in a small business just like us.

LEF Independent Eyewear Day 5.20.16

Keep reading to learn why each of our employees loves independent eyewear.

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About Luxury Eyewear Forum

LEF is the central hub to find a clear distinction between mass-produced licensed eyewear and purely designer driven and unique handmade eyewear creations. Visit their website here for more information.