Style is a powerful form of individual expression. At Electic Eye, we encourage our team, friends, and loyal clients to fully express themselves through their eyewear. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or that stylish, fashion-forward individual in your life, our gift guide has plenty of eyewear options according to personal styles.

Keep reading to find the perfect gift for every season – curated by our own eyewear architects. 

We believe in putting a purpose behind your purchase. During the month of December, Eclectic Eye will donate $5 to the Memphis Humane Society for every frame sold. Call 901.276.3937 to schedule a styling appointment today. 

My Style is…LOUD | Curated by Alicia, Eyewear Architect

I cannot tell you how often I’ve been told, “You’re being too loud.” I used to take it to heart. Now, I fully embrace it. I can’t help it; I’m Latina! My loudness is a character trait that translates into my style and, most definitely, my eyewear wardrobe.

  • With Vada color schemes, you are sure to turn heads. These frames are handcrafted and then micro-produced, giving each frame a true rarity. 

My Style is…MODERN | Curated by Ashley, Eyewear Architect

Fashion trends and styles can be so much fun and ever-changing! To me, it’s important that my eyeglasses complement my modern style and bring the details together.

  • Garrett Leight sunglasses are effortlessly sophisticated. The frame’s silhouette is captivating, like Venice Beach, California, where Garrett Leight opened its first store. With neutral frames and blush-tinted lenses, this color combination is modern elegance itself.

My Style is…QUIRKY | Curated by Bonnie, Eyewear Architect

Although my clothing style leans slightly traditional, I like to have fun with my outfits. I showcase my quirky personality with accessories: a pair of statement earrings, some art-inspired shoes, and – of course – eyeglasses!

  • From the Piero Massaro “Numerica” collection, this limited edition features a striking matte red color, asymmetrically patterned temples, and thoughtfully placed numbers on the front. They appear subtle from a distance. Up close, the details pop and exhibit the true funky nature of the frames.

My Style is…FUTURISTIC | Curated by Anise, Eyewear Architect

What I find most alluring about the futuristic aesthetic in eyewear is the merger of imagination and mystery. The combination of these two mindsets has introduced some of the most innovative designs in luxury eyewear throughout the eras.

  • Functional innovations, like original origami-style hinges, bring MYKITA to the forefront of fashionable eyewear. Even thick, bold sunglasses like these feel as light as a feather.

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